Jocelyn Kearl

Jocelyn Kearl

Tuesday, 12 January 2016 08:27

Amy Cleveland

Assistant Principal


Tuesday, 12 January 2016 08:25

Nikki Ward



Tuesday, 12 January 2016 08:10


More than fifty of our students marched in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016 08:08


There are more than three dozen species of plants in the Skaggs Catholic Center's community garden.

Monday, 05 October 2015 15:20

School Board

Saint John the Baptist Elementary shares a School Board with Saint John the Baptist Middel School. The Board is a non-grievance consultative board made up of the administration, education experts and dedicated parents who advise the administration in the areas of policy and long-range planning. The Board meets monthly during the school year, as indicated below, to discuss goals, plans and activities of the schools and advise where appropriate. All meetings are open to visitors. There may be a Closed Forum at the end of meetings, in which visitors will be asked to leave. Visitors are invited to sit along the perimeter of the room, reserving the chairs around the table for Board members. Visitors are welcome to observe School Board meetings, but may not comment on, ask questions, etc. regarding agenda items. In addition, visitors will not receive copies of handouts, materials that are distributed. If you would like to introduce an agenda item, please contact the Board President, Devin Novara at  by 8:00am one week before the monthly meeting. The President will meet with the Executive Committee to decide if and when the item belongs on the Board's agenda, or will suggest an alternate body to address it. The President will have discretion whether or not to place the item on the agenda and to allot a specific amount of time to the item.  If you would like to serve on a Board committee, please email the Board President, Devin Novara at

School Board Members

Skaggs Catholic Center Administration

  • Cynthia Burchett
  • Patrick Reeder
  • Dave Simpson
  • Nevah Stevenson
  • Jean Synowicki
  • Nikki Ward

Parent/Community Representatives

  • Devin Novara (President)
  • Tim Carr (Vice President)
  • Kristie Blasingim (Secretary)
  • Brett Backman
  • Denni Cawley
  • Vince Otoupal
  • Jon Ross
  • Nanette Stoback
  • Michael Wigton

2017-2018 Meeting Dates (Meetings begin at 6:00pm and are held in the JDCHS Board Room.

  • Wednesday, August 5
  • Wednesday, September 13
  • Wednesday, October 18
  • Wednesday, November 15
  • Wednesday, January 17
  • Wednesday, February 21
  • Wednesday, March 21
  • Wednesday, April 18
  • Wednesday, May 16
Monday, 05 October 2015 15:15

Family Handbook & More

Monday, 05 October 2015 15:14

Home & School Association

The Home and School Association (HSA) of Saint John The Baptist Elementary and Middle Schools is an association that supports, implements, and advances the philosophy of Saint John the Baptist Elementary and Middle Schools. HSA reflects the Christian principles while promoting at all times the spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical training of students. All Parents are invited to get involved with our Home & School Association.

H.S.A Meeitng Dates for 2018-2019
August 31
September 21
October 25
November 30
January 25
February 15
March 22
Arpil 26
May 16 - End of Year Social 
President - Chelsy Judd
SJBES Vice President - Lisa Few
SJBMS Vice President - Tina Fields
Secretary - Tara Jewkes
Treasurer - Andrea Munier
Scrip Card Program (ES) - Ali Micek & Kristy Wagner
Scrip Card Program (MS) - Kris Howard
Room Parent Coordinator - Erika Doty
Community Building - Katherine Parnell
Box Top Coordinator (ES) - Brooke Buck & Desirea Gillane
Box Top Coordinator (MS) - Allison Kolkebeck
Social Justice (ES) - Megan Self
Father Daughter Dance - Sophia Davis & Tara Jewkes
Mother Son Social - TBD
New Familty Mentor Program - Megan Self

Juan Diego Catholic Schools - SCRIP Information 


Register for Shop with Scrip

Please print the following and return to the school:


Monday, 05 October 2015 15:10

Medical Services & Forms

From the Nurse's desk: Any student who needs medication at anytime during the school day needs to follow this protocol: All medical forms are available on the website under Parent or Student. Select the Medical Form(s) that fit your student’s needs. These forms for medications are to be filled out each year and returned to the school nurse by the parent. Medications are to be brought in their original labeled container with prescription instructions. No loose medication is allowed. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide the first dose of a new medication at home. No medication is to be carried on a student unless it is an Asthma inhaler or Epi-pen for severe allergies. That arrangement is only allowed if a Utah State medical form for self-carry is provided from your physician and given to the nurse. All medical considerations such as Asthma, Diabetes, and Severe Allergies require a Student Care Plan for health and safety needs. Please contact the nurse if your child has medical needs. We look forward to working with you.

Thank you,
Amanda Hankins, RN
Campus Nurse/Skaggs Catholic Center
(801) 984-7301


Student Insurance

Monday, 05 October 2015 15:06

Lunch Program

Cost & Menu:

The daily meal includes an entrée, a side and a small drink. The cost is $3.40 per meal and includes a choice of white or chocolate milk, apple, cranberry or orange juice, or bottled water. Drinks are available for $.50 each to students bringing a lunch from home. The salad bar is available a la carte for $2.50 and includes a drink. Lunch is served Monday through Friday, except on days where there is a 12:45pm dismissal day.

Students will receive a lunch menu each month. You may also view the daily lunch menu under My SJB - Calendars

Lunch Account:

Through your account all transactions for the past thirty days can be viewed. You can also request that an email be sent when your child(ren)’s account balance falls below your designated level. Please set a balance email notification for each child’s account. A twenty-dollar ($20.00) minimum is suggested.

1. Go to to create an account.

a. NOTE: If you already have a Skaggs Catholic Center online lunch account, it is not necessary to create a new account. You can add students to your existing account.

2. “Create Account”

3. “Create Parent Account”

4. School District – Skaggs Catholic Center

5. An email will be sent to your email address, containing a verification code.

6. After you receive this verification code email, log in and add students according to the outlined instructions listed. You will need each student’s school ID number.

7. Click on “Manage my account” and sign-up for low balance notification emails. A twenty-dollar ($20.00) minimum is suggested for low balance email notifications.

8. Please update your account information via the “Manage My Account” tab annually. You can deactivate your account through the “Other Account Options” function.



Make payments online through using your checking account, savings, account, credit or debit card. Please allow 2–3 days for payments and charges to process and post. Note: A $1.95 transaction fee is assessed for each payment made online through There is no transaction fee for Option 2.


Lunch deposits can be made through Saint John the Baptist Elementary’s office. Please write your child(ren)’s name and student ID number(s) on your check or sealed envelope for cash to ensure that your child’s account is properly credited. Please allow 2–3 days for payments to be processed and posted.

All over-drawn accounts are charged a fee of $.25 per day (assessed daily). If the overdrawn balance exceeds $50.00 an overdrawn charge of $20.00 will be accessed each and every week until the negative balance is cleared.

Biometric Positive Identification System:

The cafeteria uses a biometric positive ID system. The system uses a finger touch pad to positively identify a student. During the scan, a template image is created that forms intersection points; once the images and intersection points are verified, the individual record is converted to a set of numbers that are used as the student’s ID. The system only remembers and processes numbers for each student. The positive ID system does not store a fingerprint; the system creates a numeric template image where there is no possibility of reverse identification or forensic application in the form of a fingerprint.

For questions regarding the lunch program, please contact Jackie Pappas, Director of Food Services at 801-984-7628 and/or .

Monday, 05 October 2015 15:05

Parent Login

This is the place to update your child’s emergency contact information, record parent service hours, sign the Family Handbook and access the school's directory, which includes families interested in carpooling. Please use your Parent Access ID and Access Password, which were emailed at the beginning of the school year.

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Status Page

Emergency Contact Information

Handbook Sign-Off

Parent/Student/Teacher conferences