Enrollment Policy

While Saint John the Baptist Elementary is open to students from all faith traditions and backgrounds, there is not always room available for every student who applies. In some cases, applicants may be put on a waiting list in case a spot opens up. Please be aware that students are encouraged to reapply if they did not make it in on the first attempt. In fact, it is necessary to apply each year as waiting lists do not carry over.

To better understand our enrollment process, be aware that all enrollment is at the discretion of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City, which prioritizes students in the following manner:

  1. Children presently enrolled.
  2. Siblings of students enrolled at Saint John the Baptist Elementary.
  3. Children of active members of Catholic parishes without a school (Saint John the Baptist, Saint Thomas More, etc.), siblings of Saint John the Baptist Middle School and Juan Diego Catholic High School, and out-of-town applicants currently attending a Catholic school.
  4. Children of Catholic parishes with a school.
  5. Children from non-Catholic families.

Students entering grades 1-5 must present evidence of satisfactory conduct and academic achievement from the previous school attended. All students are admitted on a one-year probationary status. If students do not perform at an acceptable level, both academically and/or behaviorally, their admission may be terminated. Saint John the Baptist Elementary does not have special education classes and is not able to provide an adequate program for serious learning disabilities.