About Saint John the Baptist Catholic

In a world where schools focus more and more on academics and test scores to the exclusion of everything else, we seek to educate the whole person. It is our firm belief that a child’s emotional, moral, and spiritual development and growth is just as important as their intellectual and physical progress. While we base our educational philosophy in the best traditions of the Catholic faith, we believe in including students from throughout our community, from all faiths and backgrounds.

Most parents understand just how crucial the first years of formative education are. Since 1999, Saint John the Baptist Elementary has given parents and young children the chance to start off on the right foot. Taking the classical ideal of a complete education and infusing it with strong values, Saint John the Baptist helps students flourish in academics, athletics, arts, and more.

Be Included

People who feel included—in any environment—experience the greatest success. No matter what your background or religious affiliation, a strong support system rooted in academics, athletics, arts, and values is awaiting every student here at Juan Diego Catholic Schools.​