Lunch Program

Cost & Menu:

The daily meal includes an entrée, a side and a small drink. The cost is $3.40 per meal and includes a choice of white or chocolate milk, apple, cranberry or orange juice, or bottled water. Drinks are available for $.50 each to students bringing a lunch from home. The salad bar is available a la carte for $2.50 and includes a drink. Lunch is served Monday through Friday, except on days where there is a 12:45pm dismissal day.

Students will receive a lunch menu each month. You may also view the daily lunch menu under My SJB – Calendars

Lunch Account:

Through your account all transactions for the past thirty days can be viewed. You can also request that an email be sent when your child(ren)’s account balance falls below your designated level. Please set a balance email notification for each child’s account. A twenty-dollar ($20.00) minimum is suggested.

1. Go to to create an account.

a. NOTE: If you already have a Skaggs Catholic Center online lunch account, it is not necessary to create a new account. You can add students to your existing account.

2. “Create Account”

3. “Create Parent Account”

4. School District – Skaggs Catholic Center

5. An email will be sent to your email address, containing a verification code.

6. After you receive this verification code email, log in and add students according to the outlined instructions listed. You will need each student’s school ID number.

7. Click on “Manage my account” and sign-up for low balance notification emails. A twenty-dollar ($20.00) minimum is suggested for low balance email notifications.

8. Please update your account information via the “Manage My Account” tab annually. You can deactivate your account through the “Other Account Options” function.



Make payments online through using your checking account, savings, account, credit or debit card. Please allow 2–3 days for payments and charges to process and post. Note: A $1.95 transaction fee is assessed for each payment made online through There is no transaction fee for Option 2.


Lunch deposits can be made through Saint John the Baptist Elementary’s office. Please write your child(ren)’s name and student ID number(s) on your check or sealed envelope for cash to ensure that your child’s account is properly credited. Please allow 2–3 days for payments to be processed and posted.

All over-drawn accounts are charged a fee of $.25 per day (assessed daily). If the overdrawn balance exceeds $50.00 an overdrawn charge of $20.00 will be accessed each and every week until the negative balance is cleared.

Biometric Positive Identification System:

The cafeteria uses a biometric positive ID system. The system uses a finger touch pad to positively identify a student. During the scan, a template image is created that forms intersection points; once the images and intersection points are verified, the individual record is converted to a set of numbers that are used as the student’s ID. The system only remembers and processes numbers for each student. The positive ID system does not store a fingerprint; the system creates a numeric template image where there is no possibility of reverse identification or forensic application in the form of a fingerprint.

For questions regarding the lunch program, please contact Jackie Pappas, Director of Food Services at 801-984-7628 and/or